Domestic Business-------EECSC


Engineering Equipment Consultation & Supervision Centre in Hazard Locations (EECSC)

Working function
We supervise and manage your engineering equipment in explosion hazard locations the following items:
- establish
- design
- manufacture
- selection
- delivery
- installation
- setting
- acceptance check
- quality
- cost
- pace
according to state legal, laws, relative technical standards and trusted business contracts.
Our services for your equipment:
- technology consultation
- training
- safety evaluation
Service Object
Engineering equipment used in the following explosion hazardous locations:
coal mine
petroleum and chemical industry,
medicine industry
light and textile industry
war industry
aviation and spaceflight industry
ocean engineering
port wrought and fuel gas project.
Our achievement
a?? Supervision and consultation of the Ex electrical equipments of ocean platform renovation project in Shengli Oil Field;
a?? Supervision of the manufacture of Large-sized Increase-safety Brushless Excitation Synchronous Motor for the hydrogenation unit in Zhenhai Petroleum Refinery;
a?? Supervision of the manufacture of TAW4000kW-20p Increase-safety Synchronous Motor with the domestic maximum capacity for the hydrogenation unit in Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd.