IECEx Scheme


Is the IECEx Scheme mandatory?
No. It is a voluntary scheme, but the end results are such that manufacturers with the capabilities of international trade should seriously consider the advantages of such a scheme.

What if I am in a country that does not have an IEC national committee?

Manufacturers are free to choose any IECEx-accepted certification body for Assessment & Test Reports for their products.

I already have ATEX certification for my Ex Equipment. What do I do to comply to IECEx?

As the product has already been tested, most certification bodies will use the ATEX data they have collected to prepare an ExTR.

What is the cost for approval under IECEx if I already have ATEX certification?
Every project will be different, as the complexity of design will dictate the scope of work. Where possible Sira will use assessments in the ATEX report for IECEx approval.
Since CQST is a ExTL under CQM, only CQM can issue fixed price quotations for IECEx compliance. Please contact us for more information.

What do I have to do to satisfy the quality requirements of the IECEx scheme if I currently hold ATEX certification?

In order that an IECEx product certificate can be issued, the manufacturer or authorised representative must satisfy the requirements of an IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR).
If an ATEX Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) with the correct scope is already held, only a minor amount of additional work is usually needed. A small charge exists for this work to be undertaken.

For more details about IECEx Quality Assessment Reports, please contact CQST.
Can I use my IECEx Certificate to place products on the market in Europe?
No, you must comply with the ATEX Drective (94/9/EC). It is likely that CQST would accept much of the work carried out and reported in the ExTR.

To ask CQST a specific question please contact us directly.